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Spotify is coming to your Playstation

If you've been wondering which gaming console will get Spotify first, your question was answered today as Sony announces exclusive partnership with Spotify.

Published onJanuary 28, 2015

Spotify x Playstation

Spotify loves Playstation. At least they do now that they have a partnership to bring their music streaming service to a number of Sony products. It will be called Playstation Music and it is coming to your PS3, PS4, and Xperia phones and tablets sometime this Spring. The service will be linked through the Playstation network and allows streaming of Spotify’s extensive 30 million song music library directly through the console. Probably the coolest feature (at least for me) is the ability to simultaneously play music while playing games. No longer will I be forced to mute 2k14 in order to listen to my own personal tunes.

Gaming consoles have long been striving to become an essential part of your home entertainment system rather than just a standalone console. When the PS3 and XBox 360 were first announced, Sony stressed the fact that the PS3 was Blu-Ray compatible while Microsoft swore that HD DVD was going to be the format of the future. Sure enough, Blu-Ray seems to be everywhere now while the Xbox 360 supported HD DVD format has been discontinued. Sony has a knack for making their consoles appeal to a wider audience rather than just the gaming community. Abandoning their own Music Unlimited service, which will cease on March 29th, the company has made a big step forward in making their consoles the central hub of an entertainment set-up.

There will also be special features that are exclusively available through Spotify on Playstation Music, though what they are remain a mystery. We will be sure to keep you updated and in the meantime you can sign-up to be notified when the service becomes available. If you haven’t tried Spotify yet here are some ways to get a free trial before it rolls out to your Playstation.