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Soundfreaq and Clashist set to launch Soundfreaq x Clashist Collection

Clashist + Soundfreaq = a very unique mix of great Bluetooth speakers with very captivating designs so they can be seen and heard.

Published onJuly 30, 2015

Soundfreaq: A manufacturer known for their excellent wireless speakers. With designers and engineers driven by their passion for great sound, Soundfreaq pushes out products with the goal of bringing premium sound for the maximum value. Clashist: A name that has yet to be mentioned here, until now. Clashist is an LA-based fashion and accessory company. Inspired by pop culture, Clashist began its roots in digitally printed apparel. While you would most likely find their designs on their website and Forever21, Clashist gives us Soundfreaq’s speakers with some added personality. What we get is a very unique mix of great Bluetooth speakers with very captivating designs so they can be seen and heard.

Now, we need to keep in mind that these are custom designs. With that being said, the Soundfreaq x Clashist Collection is limited edition. As far as designs, Clashist prints every component tor maximum vibrancy. Now, Bluetooth speakers are a lot more commonplace now. The average Bluetooth speaker manufacturer would most likely push out a few different colors to match the styles of different customers, but it is a pretty uncommon occasion that a manufacturer would make a limited run of speakers that would truly match the different styles of those customers. I mean, it’s not the rarest thing in the world, but first-party audio peripherals with custom designs are quite seldom. With that being said, the collaboration brings a whole lot of potential. Sure, the designs may not match every little nook and cranny of one customer’s preferences, but what matters is that the designs are guaranteed to turn heads.

The collection includes three Clashist prints: Oil Slick, Sand Art, and Utopia (Top to Bottom).

Soudfreaq x Clashist Collage Split Oil Slick Swimsuit
Soudfreaq x Clashist Collage Split Sand Art Dress
Soudfreaq x Clashist Collage Split Utopia Socks

All three of these designs are on the Soundfreaq Sound Rise, Sound Platform 2, and on the pouches of Soundfreaq’s Pocket Kick. With all unique designs, every speaker pattern is handcrafted, making no two speakers alike.

The Sound Rise features a speaker with an integrated alarm clock with Bluetooth and a USB port for charging other devices. The Sound Rise with a Clashist design will retail for $100.

Soundfreaq x Clashist Sound Rise

The Sound Platform 2 features dual USB charging ports and has Dual System Streaming which allows two of them to be paired together to behave like Left and Right speakers. The Sound Platform 2 with a Clashist Design will retail for $200.

Soundfreaq x Clashist Sound Platform 2

The Pocket Kick is a very portable speaker with 10 hours of playback time. The Pocket Kick will retail for $100. If this sounds like something worth looking into, check out details at here.

Soundfreaq x Clashist Pocket Kick Pouches

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