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The Sound Torch is a bluetooth speaker for pyromaniacs

A new Bluetooth speaker called the Sound Torch wants replace your lasers and disco balls with an open flame.

Published onMay 8, 2015

What’s a party without a bit of fire? That’s what the makers of the Sound Torch thought when they were creating their Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a pyrotechnics show. Sure it’s probably not the safest thing in the world to leave on a table next to a bunch of dancing people, but it’s definitely the coolest.

It functions via a series of tiny holes punched into the top of the speaker that allows air to be pushed through them, feeding the flames to the beat. The size and intensity of the flames depends on the music you play, so you can ditch the laser gloves and watch this instead.

The exact specifications haven’t yet been released but we do know that you will be able to connect to it wirelessly through Bluetooth, which is great since an open flame is the second to last last place I want my cell phone to be (the first being underwater). Judging by the video they seem to already have a working prototype but they still have three alternative designs for the speaker. You can vote for your favorite and hopefully see it make the jump from the sketchbook to reality.

As great as setting sound on fire appears to be, there’s a catch (of course). When the crowdfunding campaign begins there will initially be only 100 units available for purchase. So even if they offer it at the “affordable” price that they promise, the limited number of units will make it fairly difficult to get your hands on unless they decide to make additional speakers.

If you really want to put on a Kanye-like fire show at your next get together, make sure to subscribe to the mailing list so you can be notified when they’re available for purchase. Fire extinguisher not included.

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