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Sony adds to their Bluetooth headphones with the SBH70 in-ears

Sony has added a new pair of Bluetooth workout earphones to their line-up to be released sometime in April.

Published onMarch 12, 2015


At MWC, Sony announced another pair of Bluetooth headphones called the SBH70’s. These feature a design similar to some others that we’ve seen which sit on the back of your neck and have all of the main features built into the neck piece.

Speaking of features the SBH70 has an on-board microphone for phone calls and even has voice activated dialing for when you don’t have enough hands to reach for your phone. The controls such as the play/pause button and the power button can be found on the inside of the neck piece. NFC capabilities is pretty much a Sony standard at this point and the SBH70’s don’t break that trend. If you have a capable device all you have to do is tap the two together to pair them which is really convenient if you don’t feel like scrolling through a list of every Bluetooth capable device in your vicinity.

At only 26 grams these seem fairly light and shouldn’t get in the way of a workout. With a 125 mAh battery Sony says you can expect about 6 hours of music streaming and 8.5 hours of talk time which should be enough juice for the average workout. As they are fitness headphones they are also IP57 water resistant so sweat and rain won’t be an issue for those of you dedicated enough to go running in the rain.

The headphones will come in black, blue, pink, white, and yellow sometime in April of this year. Although pricing has not been announced on the Sony site, they cost £45.59 through Handtec which translates to around the $70. If you don’t mind the piece hanging on to the back of your neck these don’t seem like a bad option.

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