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Sonus faber IL Cremonese: A Stradivari-worthy speaker for a fraction of a Stradivarious

To honor its 300th anniverary in 2015, Sonus faber pays homage to the IL Cremonese as one of Antonio Stradivari's most famous violins.

Published onOctober 19, 2015

Sf_Il Cremonese (1)

Antonio Stradivari is a timeless name that resonates most with the world-famous Stradivarius Violins, or with the small selection of Stradivarius instruments in existence. Nonetheless, his name resonates through time going back to the 18th century with the IL Cremonese as one of his most famous violins. To honor its 300th anniversary in 2015, Sonus faber pays homage to one of the greatest violins in history with the newest edition of the Hommage Collection.

Sonus faber innovates with patents and technologies engrained and integrated with the IL Cremonese, such as the Stealth Reflex System and the Zero Vibration Transmission system among the myriad of integrated technology. As far as actual functionality, both are designed with a simplified construction with better distortion control.

Sf_Il Cremonese (5)

The speaker also has specially-designed drivers in order to deliver superior sound reproduction with specially-designed domes for tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers, and intra-woofers.

The unique shape of the speaker is to optimize structural integrity and makes the speaker instantly recognizable. The unique appearance attributes to the visual innovation, maintaining the historical innovational contributions of Antonio Stradivari. The compact volume makes for excellent low frequency reproduction to go along with the rest of the audible spectrum. The lacquered walnut wood, glass, and leather creates a three-tone design available in red and walnut finishes.

Just like the actual IL Cremonese, the Sonus faber IL Cremonese isn’t priced for affordability at a whopping $45,000. Then again an actual Stradivarius is potentially worth millions (a good number of times more than this speaker) but you probably wouldn’t want to put a chin rest on this because each weighs in at about 184.8 pounds each. The IL Cremonese will be available in early 2016 to US and Canadian markets.

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