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SOL REPUBLIC has new in-ears called the Shadow Wireless

Exclusively sold at Best Buy, SOL REPUBLIC adds the Shadow Wireless earbuds to their arsenal of headphones.

Published onMarch 24, 2015


SOL REPUBLIC is back with their newest Bluetooth headphones mysteriously named the Shadow Wireless earbuds. The team at SOL REPUBLIC supposedly used research by NASA to study the anatomy of the human neck and designed the collar so that the weight (0.075 pounds) is evenly distributed, resulting in a lightweight design that sits effortlessly on the user.

The Shadow Wireless are yet another pair of headphones aimed at the fitness heads out there, but the company stresses that these earbuds are capable of much more and are comfortable enough to be used anywhere. SOL REPUBLIC claims a battery life of around 8 hours which should be fine for most workouts, but is something you should keep in mind if you plan on making these your everyday go-to headphones. Since they can be used for exercising you would assume they’d be water and sweat resistant, and you’d be right. So you won’t have to worry about them breaking during a particularly intense cardio workout or if you get caught in the rain, though swimming is out of the question.

Being in-ears, they naturally have a noise isolating effect so some of the sound of the outside world will be blocked out. Built right into the collar are three buttons that control playback and volume. Along with the built-in microphone these buttons allow you to answer or reject phone calls straight without touching your phone. They offer Bluetooth 4.0 and uses aptX which allows for the best possible quality when streaming music. With a range of around 30 feet, they can simultaneously connect with two devices and switch between them depending on which one is sending the audio.

If these sound intriguing to you then here’s the best part: they only cost $99. Though not exactly what you’d consider cheap, they definitely fall into the “affordable” price range for most people in the market for a decent pair of headphones. As of right now they are a Best Buy exclusive and come in only two colors: black or gray with rose gold accents.

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