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Sennheiser partners with Freitag for limited edition headphones

Sennheiser has partnered with Swiss accessory maker Freitag for a limited run of the Urbanite headphones.

Published onMarch 15, 2016

Sennheiser x Freitagnews

Sennheiser is one of the most trusted brands in audio, and their Urbanite XL headphones are still one of the best Bluetooth headphones you can get. But it’s the original Urbanite headphones that are getting a new makeover as Sennheiser teams up with Freitag, an accessory brand based in Switzerland. They’re most known for using recycled truck tarp and making quality bags and accessories, but now they’ve added Urbanite headphones to their list of products.

The headband, which is normally covered in a woven fabric, is instead covered with Freitag’s signature truck tarp. They’re available in a number of different colors including green, orange, maroon, and red just to name a few. The ear cups still have a good amount of padding and the adjustable headband is still just as comfortable as the originals. In fact, the only real difference between these headphones and the originals (besides the truck tarp) is the branding. On the side of the headband where you’d normally see “Sennheiser” stamped across the side, now you’ll find “Freitag” instead. These on-ears are known for putting a strong emphasis on the bass, and that’s definitely still the case, but now you can get a pair that stands out from the crowd.

The headband, though it may be wrapped in a new material, is still able to fold at the hinges for compact folding if you need music on the go. To further prove the point that they were designed to be portable, they even come with a special carrying pouch to protect them from getting dinged up too bad in your bag. Make sure to get the one that will suit your device as the removable cable needs to be matched to either iOS or Android devices. On the bright side once you get that settled, the cable has a 3-button mic and remote that lets you control music as well as answer and end phone calls.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. These are a limited edition run and only 1,500 were made, so getting your hands on a pair is going to be a bit hard. On top of that, they’re not in stock online so if you’re interested in picking one up make sure to check for a location near you over at the Freitag site.