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PERI has successfully funded a Mophie/speaker hybrid

Audio-tech accessory company PERI has funded it's campaign to fuse two accessories into one: a charging case/speaker for your phone.

Published onFebruary 27, 2015


A Mophie case usually costs around $100 and a good Bluetooth speaker another $200, so why not combine the two? In a recent Indiegogo campaign, mobile accessory maker PERI successfully met their goal to bring their PERI Duo case into mass production. The Duo case is both a charging case and a speaker in one slim design.

The charging case works in much the same way that a Mophie does. Charge the case via micro USB and simply turn it on when your phone battery is running low. It comes with a 2500 mAh battery built in which is enough to give an iPhone 6 a full charge and then some. On the audio side of things there are two speakers: a 3 watt and a 4 watt speaker on the back of the case. PERI says they have included a high resolution digital-to-analog converter that enables a full sound as well as a programmable equalizer through their app.

The coolest part about using the case as your speaker is that it connects both via Bluetooth and Wi-fi. So when you’re on the move and have the case strapped to your phone it’ll work via Bluetooth like any other portable speaker. Then when you get to where you’re going you can leave the case on the table, connect it to the Wi-fi, and roam free while continuously streaming your audio. PERI pictures a world where someone in every college dorm has a Duo case and a single device can be DJ’ing a massive party.

The PERI Duo sounds too good to be true, and I hate to say it does come with it’s drawbacks. The biggest being device compatibility. As of right now it is only available for the iPhone 5, 5s, iPod Touch, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+. As for all the Android users be sure to send them an e-mail of the phone you want them to support next and get added to the mailing list to be notified when it becomes available. PERI hopes to begin shipping the Duo case in April in black/silver, red/black, and white/gold as well as a special edition collaboration with Rhymesayers Entertainment that comes in black with gray designs.

The case will retail for $139 but can be pre-ordered now for $99. If you’re interested in buying more than one or want a Rhymesters Entertainment hoodie thrown, be sure to check out the added perks they have available to save some money.

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