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Onkyo music expands to US, UK, and Germany with Beta

Audio company Onkyo hopes to create a niche for itself as it has a new service which allows you to purchase music as high-resolution audio files.

Published onFebruary 10, 2015


What sets them apart from iTunes is that Onkyo has an ever-growing catalogue of high resolution audio. According to a report by Pocket-lint, they are collaborating with 7digital to bring about their new online store for music. They claim to have hundreds of thousands of songs available for purchase in high resolution and many more as CD quality 16-bit FLAC files. The service has a cloud of it’s own where purchased content will be available for download at any time to any device.

This is one way to stand out from the competition as it allows users to purchase song files and keep a digital copy for their own personal collection. Eventually Onkyo plans to have apps on Android and iOS but for now you can take a look at the website, which is already usable in Beta. Upon signing up I received an e-mail welcoming me and prompting me to download the mobile app, but for some reason the link took me to their regular website. Strange. Nevertheless, this could be a quality niche for the Japan-based company to fill since it has little or no competition.

Do we really need another music streaming service? Probably not. That’s why Onkyo music chose to enter the market with a slightly different approach. Rather than compete head on with the likes of Deezer and Tidal, they decided to take the iTunes route and allow customers to purchase individual songs and albums rather than stream them.