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New UE ROLL Bluetooth Speaker comes with IPX7 Certification

Logitech is at it again with the new UE Roll that comes with a IPX7 waterproof certification.

Published onJune 17, 2015


Back in May 2013, Ultimate Ears unveiled the UE Boom, which remains as one of the best Bluetooth speakers to date at a rather steep price of $199. Yesterday, June 16, Ultimate Ears wowed us again with the UE Roll, a waterproof speaker in a unique form factor.

At first glance, this speaker is clearly meant to be taken anywhere because of its IPX7 waterproof certification. With its 65-feet wireless range and 9 hour battery at $99, it is a stark departure from the UE Boom’s $199 price tag at launch. In addition to the waterproofing, UE designed the UE Roll to take a tumble or two and remain functional.

The speaker itself is an upward-facing speaker with 360-degree sound with its backside housing the USB and AUX input hidden behind a door. The backside also contains the elastic band that allows the UE Roll to be stowed along a shower head or wherever it may be hung. UE also has a Floatie add-on that makes the UE Roll float on water.

Following its predecessor, the UE Roll comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The UE Roll also carries the button style of its predecessor with the plus and minus buttons clearly viable on the front surface.

Even at 9 hours of battery life, compared to the UE Boom’s 10 hours of battery life, the UE Roll may not last as long, but it can clearly go more places. After all, going Bluetooth is all about taking your music where wires can’t take you.

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