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The new AF240s are the first premium over-ears by Audiofly

Audiofly, the company that has made a name for itself with IEMs, are taking on over-ear headphones with the new AF240s.

Published onDecember 15, 2015


Audiofly has announced its first premium pair of over-ear headphones named the AF240. They have a minimal design with memory foam padding on both the ear cups and on the inside of the headband. The headphones themselves were made to be both durable and lightweight by using polycarbonate materials for the body, so bringing them with you wherever you need to be won’t be an issue.

As closed back headphones, they’re naturally pretty good at blocking outside noise simply by being in the way of incoming sound. To help users focus on the music rather than ambient noise, Audiofly made the extra effort to give these a custom design that blocks up to 20dB of outside noise. If you often find yourself in situations where less noise would be more (like an airplane or train), then these might be for you. Inside the ear cups are 40mm drivers that offer a wide range of frequencies, from 20Hz – 20kHz. They max out at 103dB and come with a 1.5m long audio cable that ends in a straight 3.5mm jack. The cable is made of their proprietary Cordura braided fabric which wraps around the wires and increases durability overall.

On that cable is a built-in microphone and single-button control which offer a little more flexibility for those who don’t like to constantly pull their source device out of their pocket. Some brands puts out two separate versions of the same headphones, one for Android and one for iOS. That said an increasing number of companies are figuring out a simple workaround to this issue: only include a single button remote. Audiofly partook in this philosophy for the AF240s and it means that they’re compatible with both operating systems, so you won’t be skimped on functionality simply because of the OS of your main.

The AF240 headphones also feature a 3D self-adjusting fit, which basically means that it will remember the shape of your head for the next time you use it. All you have to do is put them on and they will adapt to give you the best seal and most comfortable fit possible. They might not be self-tying sneakers from the future, but it’s still a pretty cool feature to have in a pair of headphones. The Audiofly AF240s are available now for $249 in black (white soon to come) and even come with a waxed canvas carrying pouch with a microfiber lining for safekeeping.

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