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Yesterday was a pretty crazy day for Motorola. This year, they had not one, not two, but three individual flagship smartphones: The Moto X Style, The Moto X Pure, and the Moto X Play. It seems very unlike Motorola to barrage us with this many phones in this short time, but with a lot of phones comes more audio peripherals. Yesterday, Motorola unveiled two wireless headphones to go with the three new flagships: The Moto Pulse and the Moto Surround.

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Starting with the Moto Pulse, they’re your ordinarily on-ear headphones. They feature 40mm drivers, 60-foot wireless range, and has an 18-hour battery life. The Pulse also features Multipoint which allows two devices to be paired at once.  The 40mm drivers should bring a lot of bass to the Pulse, as well. The Pulse retails at $59.99, which is very competitively priced.


The Moto Surround follows a relatively new form factor: Around-the-collar earbuds. It looks pretty sleek and thin compared to most of its competition. The design features a mostly matte black housing with some glossy highlights and blue accents. It’s a bit surprising that a form factor this small features 12 hours of battery life. Additionally, there’s also sweat protection and waterproofing as well for fitness-oriented users. Another highlight from the spec sheet is the 150 ft range and the Surround also features Multipoint. All this for  a very competitive price of $69.99.

Both the Pulse and the Surround are competitive for what they are and are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to invest in a new Bluetooth headset. If you think that either one of these could be your next Bluetooth headset, check them out on Motorola’s website.

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