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Listen up! Motorola has launched Moto Buds Plus in the US

Motorola's new earbuds include ANC, head tracking, and more.

Published onApril 16, 2024

moto buds Forest Grey Side by Side With Case
  • Motorola is launching new TWS earbuds.
  • The Moto Buds Plus offers ANC, Dolby head tracking compatibility, and 38 hours of playtime.
  • These new earbuds are available for $129.99 ($179.99 CAD).

While Motorola is best known for its phones, the company also quietly pushes out audio products. The latest of its audio products are TWS earbuds and they are launching in the US starting today.

Motorola has announced it is rolling out new earbuds called the Moto Buds Plus. You can expect a range of features to come with them.

For sound quality, the Moto Buds Plus use dual dynamic drivers for high-resolution audio. Motorola claims its product provides lossless sound, sharp vocals, and deep bass, while also delivering a wider range and three times more detail.

This is further enhanced by technology from Bose, which provides accurate EQ and active noise cancelation (ANC). Speaking of ANC, the Moto Buds Plus feature a three-mic system for ambient noise suppression, echo removal, and wind noise reduction. Additionally, users will be able to switch between ANC and transparency mode, if they want to focus on their music or their surroundings, respectively.

Motorola has also included Dolby Head Tracking compatibility. This will help keep your head in the center of everything, regardless of where you turn your head.

moto bud Plus Forest Grey Side View

You won’t have to worry about battery life, either. These earbuds promise to last up to eight hours on a single charge, with the carrying case bringing that total to 38 hours. You’ll also have the option to charge with cables or wirelessly.

The Moto Buds Plus will be available in Forest Grey on Motorola’s website for $130 in the US. In Canada, however, you can expect to pay $180 on the Canadian Motorola website.

Motorola Moto Buds Plus
Motorola Moto Buds Plus
MSRP: $129.99

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