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Monoprice expands its home theater lineup with four more additions

Monoprice may not have the best sound hands down, but the bang-to-buck ratio is difficult to ignore with four new offerings to its home theater lineup.

Published onOctober 20, 2015

Monoprice is a name tossed around a lot for those who want dead-simple peripherals that work pretty well at a killer price. The company may not deliver the best sound hands down, but it surely has the best bang-to-buck ratio with a myriad of product categories. This time around, Monoprice has upgraded its current home theater peripherals with four new offerings.

The Retro Bluetooth Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp System features a black and chrome design with Bluetooth capabilities. The system blends classic aesthetics and streamlined device compatibility with 10 foot 14AWG speaker cables to bring a pristine listening experience by liberating music from its typical compressed and processed texture. For $199.99 with the tube amp at $149.99 on its own, Monoprice shows its true colors with the signature bang-to-buck ratio.

Next, Monoprice brings Select Series Bookshelf Speakers to its collection. There are two variants available that offer a broad soundstage with 4 and 5-inch bass drivers. With a 1-inch tweeter, sophistication is added to the soundstage, no matter which variant the user chooses. The entry level model starts at $59.99 and the model with 7.1 home theater system and a 5-inch bass starts at $99.99.


Next up, Monoprice has introduced a new set of Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with its Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers with USB. Monoprice leaves little to the imagination when it comes to naming schemes. These compact speakers promise powerful lows without a subwoofer. With Bluetooth compatibility and USB connectivity, these speakers offer increased flexability. The speakers also offer RCA inputs for more versatile audio source management. With a wireless remote, the volume and media controls are at a press of a button for $229.99.


The Select 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer is yet another generic name with a less-than-generic bang-to-buck ratio. The current Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer will parallel this new refresh with improved functionality. The increased functionality consists of 3-inch, two-way satellite speakers with an 8-inch 200-watt subwoofer for $199.99.


Each product is available now and can be found at

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