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Minim: Music Creation for the Masses... Well, that's the idea.

Enter the Minim: A small, iPhone-sized instrument for those who aspire to create music on their mobile devices, or any device, really.

Published onJuly 31, 2015


Kickstarter is a great place to find new ideas, especially when creative minds get to work and give us something amazing once in a while. Enter the Minim: A small, iPhone-sized instrument that is designed to for “mobile music making”. Now, it may not be the next Pebble, but it’s definitely a solution for those who aspire to create music on their mobile devices, or any device, really.


If the thumbnail wasn’t clear, this device is meant for tactile control. With that being said, it’s pretty obvious that there’s no touchscreen interface to interact with. However, that doesn’t make the Minim any less versatile. The Minim features expressive pads, clearly shown on the front panel, 3D motion control, and touch sensitivity. With the lack of a display, this allows a rather long battery life.


Livid, the company behind the Minim, says that the Minim can control apps with the “feel and expression of a real instrument”. With eight “ultra expressive pads” and RGB lighting, it is supposed to simulate the feeling of a “real instrument”. As mentioned before, there is 3D motion enabled that allows music to be made based on movement.


Now, unfortunately, the Minim only seems to be compatible with iOS and OSX devices. It’s a shame that Android and Windows devices aren’t compatible, but there should be some sort of workaround later.


The Minim doesn’t look like a revolution, but for a $149 retail, it makes up a pretty awesome setup for the traveling musician. The project is currently already funded, but if you want to pick one for the Early Bird price of only $79, then check out the Kickstarter page

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