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Mass Fidelity's rugged raD wireless speaker launches on Indiegogo

Mass Fidelity has launched raD, a new and rugged multi-room wireless speaker, on Indiegogo for $169, for shipment in April 2017.

Published onNovember 22, 2016


Mass Fidelity, a company that launched its Core multi-room wireless speaker in 2015, has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for its next product, the raD. This is a more rugged speaker that’s designed to travel and be used outdoors, versus the at-home Core speaker.

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If you happen to already own a Core speaker, the new raD model will be able to connect to that system at home. However, this new product is mostly for people who want to blast their sound while on the go, with features like a rugged rubber casing, and a IPX5 water-resistant rating. It offers up to eight hours of battery life, along with support for features like Bluetooth AptX streaming and NFC pairing.

If you purchase the raD speaker during its Indiegogo campaign, you can get it for the price of $169. The speaker is scheduled to begin shipping to backers in April 2017. After that, it will be sold in retail stores, but for the much higher price of $299, so if you want to get in on the ground floor for the raD, you might want to spend some money now to save lots of it later.

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