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LG DukeBox: Retro beats meet OLED heat at CES 2024

The warmth of vacuum tube audio meets the glow of a fireplace, all wrapped in transparent OLED technology.

Published onJanuary 13, 2024

LG DukeBox fireplace on screen with whiskey and glasses
  • LG unveils a novel product at CES 2024: the DukeBox, a hybrid of retro vacuum tube audio and modern display technology.
  • The DukeBox features a 360-degree speaker system and an OLED display with adjustable transparency.
  • LG hasn’t confirmed any pricing or release details. But expect it to be one of their more expensive audio options.

In a wry twist of nostalgia meeting innovation, LG has introduced the DukeBox at CES 2024, a fusion of old-school vacuum tube audio and cutting-edge OLED display technology, doubling as a decorative fireplace.

The DukeBox, emerging from LG Labs’ experimental division, features a 360-degree speaker system paired with a transparent OLED display. The vacuum tubes glow orange when the OLED display is fully transparent, allowing a glimpse into its inner workings. Users can opt for the faux fireplace effect, where the vacuum tubes appear amidst virtual flames, or switch off the transparency for a traditional OLED display suitable for watching movies. The adjustable transparency of the display adds to the DukeBox’s versatile appeal, making it a striking statement piece to any living space.

While LG has yet to release specific audio and video specs, the product’s high-end audio focus suggests top-tier sound quality aimed at audiophiles. Vacuum tube audio technology, known for its warm and natural sound, has remained a preferred choice among audio enthusiasts despite advancements in digital audio.

LG’s innovative approach in the DukeBox reflects a growing trend in technology where retro elements are blended with modern features to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products. CES 2024 has been a platform for creative and futuristic designs, with LG’s DukeBox as a prime example.

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