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Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers now available

After announcing them at CES 2015, Klipsch now has their newest flagship line of speakers available for purchase.

Published onMarch 4, 2015


At CES this year Klipsch announced their brand new Reference Premiere series speakers to be released at some time in early 2015. Now is that time as the Reference Premier line is finally available for purchase. These are the newest products to take part in the Reference name and are the new and improved versions of their predecessors, the Reference II speakers.

RP-280F, RP-260F, RP-250F Floorstanding speakers

The new RP-280F floorstanding speaker is the largest of this particular set of three and therefore the most expensive. They stand tall at 43-inches, have a width of 10.5-inches, and a depth of 18.3-inches. As the largest of the speakers they weigh in at 62.5 lbs, or around 28 kg. In signature Klipsch fashion they have two 8” cone woofers made of their classic copper colored Cerametallic™ material and a new and improved 1-inch LTS tweeter. Being the top of the line option, the RP-280F cost $675.

The next speaker in the line-up is the RP-260F. At 36.6-inches tall, 9-inches wide, and 17.6-inches deep this is the smaller sibling to the RP-280F. With smaller size comes a smaller weight at 49.5 lbs, or 22.45 kg. Though it has the same frequency response, it does come with the slightly smaller 6.5-inch woofers made of the same copper colored material. The RP-260F can be had for the less expensive price of $525.

Last in line for the floorstanding speakers is the RP-250F. It is the smallest of the group, but only just. At 36.1-inches tall, 7.8-inches wide, and 14.8-inches deep it misses the RP-260F by just a few inches. What is noticeable is the dual cone woofers that take another hit in size and are slightly smaller at 5.25-inches. At only $400 it’s only natural that the smallest of the trio is also the cheapest.

RP-450C, RP-400C, RP-250C Center speakers

The next trio of center speakers follow the same trend of the bigger size equating to the bigger price. The RP-450C are the top of the line and are only 6.8 inches tall. What it lacks in height it makes up for in width as it is 31.1-inches wide with four 5.25-inch woofers lined up and a 1-inch tweeter smack in the middle. As the largest center speaker it will cost you $650. If you’re looking to save $100 you can always opt for the mid-sized RP-440C that comes with a row of slightly smaller 4-inch woofers. The smallest center speaker is the RP-250C and at only 18.5-inches wide comes with dual 5.25-inch woofers along with the standard 1-inch tweeter. As the smallest speaker. the RP-250C cost $450 each.

RP-160M, RP-150M Monitor speakers

If you don’t have the room for one of the other huge speakers, Klipsch also stuffed their high quality sound into smaller bookshelf monitors that can be put to use in tight quarters. The RP-160M are 16.6-inches tall, 8.8-inches wide, and 12.8-inches in depth. At just under 20lbs these have the same 1-inch tweeter to go along with a 6.5-inch cone woofer. The slightly smaller RP-150M monitor speaker weighs in at 14.7 lbs and has 5.25-inch cone woofers to go along with that ever present 1-inch tweeter. The RP-160M and RP-150M monitors cost $600 and $500 respectively, per pair.

RP-250S, RP-240S Surround speakers

The last two speakers are a pair of surround speakers with two woofers and two tweeters each. The RP-250S has dual 5.25-inch woofers to go with the matching 1-inch tweeter while the RP-240S has dual 4-inch woofers. Sticking with the size-to-price trend, the RP-250S will cost $450 each while the smaller RP-240S will only cost $325.

If you’re looking for a new home theater set-up definitely take the time to go and give these a listen. The high quality sound, superb modern design, and sheer number of options make the Reference Premiere speakers a force to be reckoned with. They are available to order now on the Klipsch website and while you’re there make sure to check out the list of hardware improvements Klipsch added to make the Premiere line their best flagship line yet.