Klipsch has been in the audio industry for decades and has brought so many products to market, and it’s not surprising they are putting a new offering into the high-end stylish headphone segment in their Heritage line.

The Klipsch Heritage Headphones will be evoking the high quality artisan look of their speaker line with the same moniker using high-materials such as copper and other metals, leather, and wood  to give the headphones a crafted feel. Along with the very exclusive visual appeal, Klipsch promises audiophile-level acoustics evoked by the use of the more natural woods and using free-edge diaphragms and biocellulose drivers.

Klipsch promises wired, wireless, and noise-cancelling versions of these headphones, and while pricing and availability has not been announced, their use of high end materials and the heritage name should mean they will command a premium price.

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