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New Kickstarter campaign for the Prandini portable speaker

If you're looking for a premium designed speaker for your collection, check out this new Kickstarter by Hapa Productions for the Prandini Bluetooth speaker.

Published onMarch 6, 2015


A new Kickstarter by Hapa Productions has sprung up with a speaker made for the “ modern day gentleman and lady.”  The company has made a portable Bluetooth speaker dubbed the Prandini portable speaker that looks like it came out straight out of a luxury design magazine. Though the “portable” aspect of the speaker is questionable, I can’t deny that it does have a gorgeous modern design that would look good in any living room.

The speaker comes with two 15W drivers on either side of a solid block of material of your choice. Currently they plan on making three different options for this middle piece: white leather, black leather, and white marble. A black marble version is promised sometime in the future if their goal is met. The two speakers are encased in a pure maple wood body with either polished aluminum or polished brass trimmings, depending on the model you pick. If you’re worried about the ecological impact of making speakers out of wood, Hapa says they will plant a Redwood tree for every speaker sold.

If you reminisce about the days of carrying a large boombox with you everywhere you meant, then you might like this speaker. The Prandini is compatible with any custom guitar strap so that you can strap it to your body and carry it around with you wherever you go. Though I’m sure this will work out great at parties, I don’t envision a world where too many people will partake in this. That said, I do see how this can be an attractive high-end piece of equipment to show off around your home.

The company has a ways to go until their goal of $10,000 is met, but there is still 43 days left in the campaign at the time of this post. With goals of high quality audio to go along with the design, the speaker will retail at around $900 if their goal is met. If you’re interested in the speaker but not the price tag, make sure to check out some of the campaign rewards that can save you upwards of $300 on the product. Assuming the goal is met you can expect these to begin shipping around September of this year.

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