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Dashbon plans to make your next Bluetooth speaker a projector

Dashbon has successfully funded their Indiegogo campaign and raised almost $90,000 to make the Flicks Bluetooth speaker/projector a reality.

Published onFebruary 20, 2015


If you’ve never watched a movie in the yard through a projector, I highly recommend it. There’s something about combining technology and nature for your own personal entertainment that makes the film slightly more enjoyable. The problem is that projectors and speakers are usually big and bulky and not portable enough to take with you during outdoor excursions. New Jersey based company Dashbon plans to fix that as they have successfully funded an Indiegogo campaign to bring their idea Flicks to life. Flicks is a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a projector so you can display movies or presentations.

Using an HDMI input it is able to stream movies directly from a Chromecast or Roku, though you’d need to be within range of your Wifi in order to take full advantage of this feature. It comes with two full-range speakers and a dedicated sub-woofer baked into a design similar in size to a standard boombox. The display resolution is 1280-by-800 and can display an image of 100 inches from 8.4 feet away. The speaker will come in two sizes, one with a standard battery and one with an extended battery. The standard Flicks gives up to 4 hours of movie playback and can last up to 28 hours if only used for music as a Bluetooth speaker. If that’s not enough juice for you then the Flicks Range comes with an extended battery and will give double the time: with up to 8 hours of movie playback and 56 hours of music streaming.

As of the time of this post the campaign still has 13 days to go, but it has already raised almost double their goal with $90,000. Dashbon expects to begin shipping in June of 2015 and the retail price will be $599 for the standard Flicks and $699 for the Flicks Range. However, since the campaign technically is not over yet there are still numerous early bird specials to be claimed that can save you some money on the purchase. Considering that a decent projector alone costs around $400 at Best Buy, the Flicks falls into a decent price range for an all-in-one system. If you’re interested check out the campaign page and see if you can get in on an early bird special.

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