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All products featured are independently chosen by us. However, SoundGuys may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links. See our ethics statement. EP wireless in-ears to be sold exclusively through Apple stores has a new pair of wireless in-ears called the EP Bluetooth headphones, and now there's only one place you can get them.

Published onMay 27, 2016 is a talented musician that has topped charts for the better part of his career, but one market he’s been trying (and failing) to enter is the world of tech accessories. But a new deal puts his newest wireless earbuds, the EPs, right where every company wants to be: in Apple stores.

The headphones will be sold exclusively in select Apple stores or on their website in both black and gold color options. They feature 14mm drivers that are supposed to provide a surround sound experience with an emphasis on bass. Not only were the EP’s designed to play music, but they’re supposed to be a fashionable accessory as well. The unique shape of the earbuds take their inspiration from vinyl records, but unlike vinyls they have small magnets in them that allow them to snap together around your neck when not in use. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen headphones use the magnet approach, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Range is spec’d at about 30 feet which is pretty standard for Bluetooth headphones, and they also have the aptX codec which allows for higher quality streaming. That said, it is kind of ironic that these are being sold exclusively in Apple stores seeing as iPhones don’t even have aptX so you’d have to use them with another kind of device in order to fully experience it. Battery life is claimed to provide about 6 hours of constant playback if you’re going by the official website. However, on the Apple product page it’s rated at 8 hours. We’re not sure why there’s a 2 hour discrepancy in estimated battery life, but let’s assume that it’s 6 hours just to be on the safe side. That gives it roughly the same battery life as Apple’s own Powerbeats2 headphones.

Now for the kicker. If you thought that the Powerbeats2 were expensive at $149, the EP Bluetooth headphones will run you $229.95. But who knows, maybe they’re actually as amazing as the price suggests.

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