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Get the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX for only $20

If you use the included promo code before May 8th, you can get the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX wireless speaker for only $20.

Published onMay 1, 2015

GOgroove BlueSYNC BX

What can you do with a spare $20? Getting $20 worth of your favorite ice cream and going crazy on it is always an option, but how about a Bluetooth speaker instead? You’d probably regret it less afterwards. Now through May 8th you can get the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX for only $20 if you use the coupon code “BLUESYNK” when checking out. It even includes free shipping.

The speaker has a cube shape with dimensions of 5-inches x 4.5-inches x 4-inches. This makes it a good size to put on your desk or even just to throw in a bag when you go out to adventure. It connects via Bluetooth 2.1 and comes with NFC too, so if you have a compatible device all you have to do is tap it to the speaker in order to connect. Of course there’s also the standard 3.5mm input for older devices as well. If you still need more ways to play your music, it can also play files stored on your USB flash drive.

On the front side of the speaker you’ll find a small knob for volume control and three buttons for basic playback controls, though they only work when playing music from the flash drive. On opposite sides of the cube are the two 50mm drivers that are strategically placed to provide full stereo sound. The battery life is only about 6 hours, but on the bright side it’s removable so if you need more juice you have the option to stock up on a spare battery or two.

The speaker comes in silver or wood color options and the discount code can be applied to whichever one you prefer. If you like what you see make sure to grab one in your preferred color before the promotion ends and it goes back to regular price.

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