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Four new speakers from 808 Audio make up their Summer lineup

808 Audio has four new speakers for Summer sixteen.

Published onJune 17, 2016

808 Audio recently announced a slew of new Bluetooth speakers just in time for Summer. Oddly enough, only one of them can withstand water, but that’s besides the point. With these four new relatively inexpensive speakers (CANZ XL, HEX Light, XS Sport, and HEX LXS), 808 Audio hopes they can find their way into your backyard parties and everyday life. Whether you want a giant booming speaker or something a little more portable and fun, 808 threw a product at every possible niche and chances are one of them will land.


808 Audio CANZ XLnews

So far, 808 Audio sold more than 1.5 million of the original CANZ, so they did what any audio company would do in that situation: make it bigger. The new CANZ XL has an all-metal housing that, when paired with its new large design, should provide a thumping bass for anyone who wants to get a party started with loud music. Up top you’ll get four buttons that will let you power up the speaker and pair it with new devices, give the bass a boost, and control the volume as well. 808 Audio claims that you should get about 8 hours on a single charge, which isn’t the greatest considering the size of the speaker. Still, at only $99 it isn’t bad.

HEX Light

808 Audio HEX Lightnews

If you want a speaker that satisfies your visual and auditory requirements, check out the new HEX Light. It has a 360-degree transmission cone that not only plays music in all directions, but also has a built-in LED light. You can choose form multiple lighting modes to match your mood, including a “Beat to Music” mode which will, as the name implies, pulse the lights to whatever music you’re listening to. If this sounds like something you think you could appreciate, the HEX Light is available now for $79.

XS Sport

808 Audio XS Sport

Everyone needs a Durable Bluetooth speaker and 808 Audio is hoping the XS Sport will be the one for you. It’s their first speaker with an IPX6 water-resistant rating, so if you tend to find your devices getting damaged from a little bit of water this might be the one for you. Though it shouldn’t be completely submerged, at least you won’t have too worry about a little rain destroying it. It has a rubber bumper to protect against drops and also features the EQ bass boost button if you want a more solid low end. This portable speaker should also give you about 6 hours of constant playback wherever you decide to take it. You can get one right now for $79.


808 Audio HEX LXSnews

If you’re looking for a more robust speaker but don’t want to give up portability, the HEX LXS could be for you. It’s bigger than the XS Sport with two 3” full-range drivers, two bass radiators, and a larger 4000 mAh battery for 10 hours of playback. That battery serves double-duty since you can use it to also recharge your other devices via the USB output. It has a built-in mic for answering phone calls and backlit buttons so you can easily control your music when you’re in less-than-optimal lighting situations. It’s available now for $129.

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