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Focusrite announces three new Clarett USB interfaces

Add some air to your tracks

Published onJanuary 12, 2018

Looking for a shiny new audio interface to add to your desktop? Maybe you’re looking to get into podcasting or want to record live instruments. Whatever the case, you’re probably going to need a decent interface to get those sounds into your computer and one of the most recommended brands for beginners is Focusrite. They recently released three new USB interfaces adding to their Clarett line, which have been built for performance. These new models were designed to maximize performance while simultaneously minimizing your spending, which is everyone’s favorite combination of words.

Depending on what you’re looking to do there are three options. The first is the Clarett 2Pre USB, which offers two mic/line/instrument inputs. This one is probably best if you’re not going to be recording more than one instrument at a time or podcasting with only or two mics. If you need a few more inputs there’s also the Clarret 4Pre USB and the Clarret 8Pre USB which, as you may have guessed, have four and eight inputs respectively. All three of the Clarret USB models are compatible with any computer supporting USB 2.0 or above, and yes that also includes the new macs that only feature USB Type-C. Included with all of these is a Type-C cable so you can seamlessly connect to your computer.

Each pre-amp is what Focusrite is calling “air-enabled”, meaning that whether you plug in a microphone or an instrument the resulting sound will have a nice natural sound to it. Previously you had to get the Clarett Amps with a thunderbolt connector, but now you can skip that and go straight to USB for even less money. If you’re in the market for a new interface is the option to plug in via standard USB or Type-C important to you?

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