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Fender releases FXA9 Pro earbuds for just $1299

How bad do you want accurate sound?

Published onJanuary 28, 2018

Fender is a name that’s synonymous with great guitars and gorgeous amps, but that’s not all they make. They also manufacture everything from guitar picks to in-ear monitors and their newest pair of IEMs, the FXA9 Pro, will cost you $1299 to own.

The FXA9 in-ears have been meticulously designed to be as discreet as possible to the person wearing them. The housing is 3D printed to ergonomically fit 95% of ears and provide excellent noise isolation to the wearer. If you’ve ever performed on stage is essential to letting the artist monitor how they sound since it can get hard to hear up there. These end in a ⅛” adapter for plugging into heavier equipment, but they do come with a ¼” adapter if you want to use them with other devices.

Fender included six HEXAD drivers and a Groove-tuned bass port in the housing to provide as lifelike a sound as possible. If you’re looking for headphones that some extra emphasis to a particular part of your music, these aren’t the way to go. IEMs like these have to sound as accurate as possible, which means a flatter more neutral sound than most consumers are used to.

The FXA9 Pro in-ears are available now for the measly price of $1299 in three colors: Bronze Pearl, Chameleon, or Pearl White.

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