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Exclusive interview with Rohan Marley of House of Marley - CES 2018

We picked the brain of Rohan Marley

Published onFebruary 1, 2018

At CES last month we got a chance to sit down and chat with Rohan Marley of House of Marley. He discusses his thoughts on what it means to have a company that operates the way House of Marley does, with consistent design throughout all of his products as well as the responsibility to make products sustainably. We also got a chance to learn what having a company like House of Marley means to him personally as Bob Marley’s son, and what he thinks is a good entry product for anyone not familiar with the brand.

The company has been hard at work over the last year and announced three new products at CES including two new speakers and a pair of wireless earbuds. The No Bounds is a small round speaker with an IP67 certification that protects it against water and a carabiner design. Perfect for attaching to a pack for a hike or hanging poolside for some music. You’ll get an estimated 10 hours of playback and the speaker has playback controls built right into the side of the speaker for controlling your music.

The other speaker is simply dubbed the No Bounds Sport, which has roughly 12 hours of playback and because of its cylindrical design can pump sound out in 360-degrees. It’s also waterproof and just like the smaller No Bounds speaker (and all the other House of Marley products) it’s made using recycled materials. On top of being waterproof both of these speakers are made with their REGRIND cork which makes them lighter than if they were made with plastic or metal. The Uprise headphones were the last product announces and are a pair of IPX5 wireless earbuds for anyone looking for a pair of ‘buds to take to them gym.

We’ll have another video coming soon going into the products specifically, but this interview was more to pick the brains behind the operation. Why does House of Marley make it a point to use recycled materials and why is their business approach so different than other companies? Check out the full interview to find out.

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