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Monoprice announces two new pairs of inexpensive headphones

More bang, less buck
January 7, 2017

Monoprice continues to push the limits quality audio at a low price with two new pairs of headphones. Whether you’re into in-ears on on-ears you should check these out.

Triple XXX Triple Driver Earphones

Monoprice is looking to shake up the earphone market with a new set of earphones. Dubbed the Triple XXX Triple Driver Earphones, the stab at sounding edgy and candid belies the fact that they are headphones with three drivers: one 10mm driver and 3.8mm and 2.8mm balanced armature drivers. Each driver is tuned to a specific frequency which is technology that’s normally used for in ear monitors.

At $49.99 this is Monoprice’s most expensive earphone, but if the rest of their audio lineup is any indication of their quality of sound, they should offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Units will begin shipping in early Q1 2017.

Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones

Monoprice is adding a new set of on-ear headphones into their mid-range lineup, tastefully dubbed Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones. Boasting a metal frame, the headphones look to have a high build quality and style to spare. With 40mm drivers they should offer big sound in a not so big package, and Monoprice is billing them as being capable at home, at the office, and during travel.

The pricing is set at $49.99, which is not expensive at all and, just like other Monoprice products, promises to offer a lot for your money.

Along with the Triple XXX Triple Driver Headphone, these will start shipping in early Q1 2017.