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EasyAcc releases the DP100 Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker

Check out this new Bluetooth speaker by EasyAcc that can probably fit in the palm of your hand.

Published onApril 22, 2015

EasyAcc DP100

There is no shortage of cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market today. We recently made a list of some of our favorites, but there’s always room for more. Recently, EasyAcc announced their newest Bluetooth speaker called the DP100 which hopes to stand out in the saturated market of Bluetooth speakers.

Cheap speakers have one crucial thing going for them, most are very portable. The DP100 takes that a bit further, claiming to be ultra-portable and at barely 4 inches tall the name seems fitting. The exact dimensions are 2.6-inches x 2.6-inches x 3.8-inches, which makes it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s rocking a 4W 45mm driver to pump out sound, though don’t expect too much bass as the laws of physics (unfortunately) still apply. There’s no NFC pairing options, but they do have Bluetooth 4.0 and an auxiliary input. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Up top the DP100 has the playback controls for volume, volume down, and a play/pause button. Next to that is a small LED light that supposedly helps to illuminate the buttons at night so you’re not forced to feel around randomly pressing buttons. It also has a small microphone for phone calls so you can leave your phone plugged into the wall in the next room and still not miss a call. Powering all of this is a huge 2200 mAh that supposedly gives it a playback time of around 25 hours. That’s a pretty long time when compared to other products that cost a few times more and don’t last half as long.

Aesthetically, the speaker definitely looks like it should be called a Sonos mini. It has the same black sleek design with metal grills around the cylinder, except that the DP100 costs a fraction of what a Sonos would cost. If you’re interested you can pick it up for only $36. Admittedly I’m sure it doesn’t have the same sound quality as a Sonos speaker but for less than $40, I’ll deal.

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