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Earin M-2 might be the 'buds to watch

Small size, big promise

Published onJanuary 3, 2017

Earin was one of the first companies to really take a shot at truly wireless audio. Their first pair of earbuds, the M-1, were more of a novelty than a truly usable pair of headphones. Now they’re aiming to fix that with the new M-2 headphones. These promise to bring you the tiniest ‘buds on the market with touch sensitive controls built right into the housing.

The bullet design of the previous M-1’s have been left in the past, with the M-2’s option for a more ergonomic look instead. This new design leaves a small black spot on the sides of the earbud housing that is touch sensitive. You’ll be able to pause or play music, answer calls, and skip between tracks with just a few taps. Unfortunately, you won’t have the ability to adjust volume so you’ll still have to reach for your source device for that, but considering the last model didn’t have any controls it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

One of the major issues with truly wireless earbuds has been the sketchy Bluetooth connection. Earin claims to have fixed that by switching to Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), which keeps a stable connection between the two earbuds to avoid dropouts. Like the originals, the new M-2 earbuds will have a 3 hour battery life that can be extended by throwing them in the included docking capsule. Doing so can give you up to three additional charges for a total of 12 hours of audio.

There’s still no word on pricing yet, but considering the originals cost $199 it’s safe to assume the new price to be in the same range. If you’re looking to get a pair for yourself you can expect them to go on sale in late Q1.