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YoungSe Kim launches InnoDevice with 3 new audio products

If you're into fashion and unique looking audio gear, check out the new products by InnoDevice lead by industrial designer YoungSe Kim.

Published onFebruary 12, 2015

This week is fashion week and that means one thing to me: unique looking new audio products. Designer YoungSe Kim is one of the first to make an announcement introducing three new products from his own personal company InnoDesign. He is no stranger to technological design and is an award-winning designer that has worked on Samsung smart phones, iRiver’s H10 Mp3 players, and even Barbie-branded Mp3 players. The new line of “fashion-forward audio products” will be called InnoDevice. Two pairs of flashy noise-canceling headphones and a sleek portable Bluetooth speaker are the first three products to be announced.



Starting with the Bluetooth speaker, the InnoFlask is a speaker that comes in a carrying case slightly larger than a sunglasses case. It can pair instantly with any Bluetooth enabled device and has a range of about 30 feet. With it’s 750 mAh battery life InnoDevice claims a battery life up to 10 hours. The ultra-portability of the speaker is definitely it’s main selling point, as it weighs less than 1 pound and can easily slip into most pockets. The InnoFlask is available in four colors: black, orange, blue, and white. It will cost USD $129.95 through the InnoDevice website and they currently have free shipping as a Valentine’s Day special.



The InnoWave headphones are the first of two pairs announced and definitely have the bolder design of the two. As it’s name suggests, the over-the-ear headphones are designed to look like a sound wave moving from one ear cup to the other. Although it does look kind of cool, it is definitely a product that has a particular kind of consumer in mind. The Innowave’s have 40 mm dynamic drivers and a flat cable to prevent it from getting tangled. They will also retail at USD $129.95 and are currently available in only four colors: beige, purple, blue, and olive.



The last product announced was the InnoHug behind-the-neck headphones. These will also come with 40 mm drivers but have a slightly more modest design when compared to the InnoWave. Although there is no sound wave to speak of, they do still have a unique look to them as they wrap around the back of your head ear muff style. These will retail at USD $149.95 mainly because they come with the added feature to swap out the leatherette ear piece with a fuzzy one if that’s more your style. The InnoHug headphones come in black, red, blue, and beige.

InnoDevice has promised more new and creative audio products to come this year so if none of these sparked your interest, maybe future products will.

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