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Denon releases new M-series compact music system

CD + Bluetooth

Published onJanuary 23, 2018

In a brief announcement today, Denon took the wraps off an updated version of their D-M40 CD receiver system, the D-M41. By adding Bluetooth connectivity to solid hardware, Denon is hoping to appeal to new buyers looking for a straightforward, quality speaker system.

Denon’s engineers completely re-designed the guts of the D-M40 to produce this new unit, and on paper it sounds like they’ve done a good job of improving it. The new D-M41 is built around a receiver (RCD-M41) with Denon’s Triple Noise Reduction design, aimed at eliminating sources of possible interference. This is largely built around simple circuit design with short signal paths, separation of analog and digital components, and proper grounding.

The D-M41’s receiver can play music from its internal CD player, FM radio, Bluetooth connection, and two optical inputs for digital sources. Said receiver’s amplifier offers 2x30W output for speakers—overkill for the included SC-M41 speakers—along with a preout for a subwoofer. The internal DAC unit can also handle 192kHz/24-bit audio from digital sources, which means you shouldn’t ever want for a better converter chip (unless you’re a robot). On top of that, the receiver has a dedicated headphone amplifier if you prefer to listen that way.

Should this interest you, the D-M41 will be available sometime in June 2017 in either wood or black. The unit price has been set at $499.