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Denon joins in on wireless headphones with the new AH-C160W

The pros and the cons

Published onFebruary 7, 2017

If you usually surf the internet looking for high quality home audio, you’ve probably heard of Denon. But if fitness headphones are more your thing, the name might not ring a bell. That’s because they’ve never had any headphones geared towards fitness until now. Their newest fitness headphones are dubbed the AH-C160W and there’s plenty to like (and not like) about them.

At first glance you might think that these look large and bulky, but it’s because of that design that Denon was able to stuff so many features into the earbuds. Each earbud has an 11.5mm driver inside to deliver “superb sound” whether you’re commuting or exercising. Combining an over-ear hook design with comply memory foam ensures that you won’t have any issues with getting them to stay in, or at least that’s what Denon is going for. The headphones are IPX5/IPX7 certified so no matter how hard the workout you won’t have to worry about sweat damage.

The two ear hooks are connected via a thin wire, but thankfully you won’t find any control modules on it. All of the tech needed for these to work can be found right on the earbuds. A tiny built-in microphone lets you answer important phone calls mid-workout, and noise reduction technology makes sure your voice comes through crystal clear. Class 1 Bluetooth also establishes a secure connection to your source device so that skipping music will be a thing of the past. Playback controls are also built into the side of the earbud so you can control your music without needing to reach for a source device.

Of course, not everything about these headphones is as great as the connection. Unfortunately, battery life is only spec’d at about 4 hours so if you’re looking for headphones that will help you get through a long workout you’ll have to look elsewhere. These will come in three colors: white, blue, or black and will run you $150 when they are released later this month. Hopefully these sound as good as Denon claims they do, otherwise that price is hard to justify.

What’s more important to you: sound quality, connection strength, or battery life? Let us know in the comments!

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