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Damson Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headbones to ship this March

After hitting all of their Kickstarter goals, audio company Damson plan to ship their Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headbones this March.

Published onJanuary 31, 2015


Bone conduction technology is a cool new market when it comes to exercise-related Bluetooth headphones. The audio company Damson have reached their all five of their kickstarter goals and are bringing their bone conducting Bluetooth headphones (Headbones) from the drawing board to the real world. They bypass your ear-canal by sitting directly on your temporal lobe and emitting small vibrations into the inner ear. By gripping around the back of your head they allow people to enjoy music in situations when you would need to be aware of your surroundings for safety reasons, like when biking or running. One unique scenario brought up by Damson was being at a sporting event and listening to the commentator in the Headbones while still being present in the moment and enjoying the sounds of the event. The best of both worlds.

They come with Bluetooth 3.0 and only have a 32 mAh battery but, because of the Incisor Diffusion Technology (IDT) used, that equates to roughly 10 hours of playback time. Damson also included a 3.5 mm jack built-in just in case your device is not Bluetooth compatible. This feature also enables it to double as a Bluetooth receiver for standard headphones to be plugged into. One of the coolest things about the Headbones is that it allows people with certain hearing disabilities to enjoy music. The vibrations would send signals directly to the inner ear, which can then be recognized and converted by the brain.

They are set to ship this March for $149.99 and can be pre-ordered now in two colors: black on black, or black on red.

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