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Crosley releases two new turntables

A Bluetooth turntable might not be such a bad idea

Published onOctober 7, 2016

Vinyl is making a comeback, and Crosley has been one of the companies profiting off it. Their suitcase styled Cruiser can probably be found in your local Target at an extremely attractive price point. Vinyl connoisseurs probably are already happy with their setup, but for a new generation of vinyl lovers the Cruiser is a compelling and affordable entry point into a new way of listening to music. They pride themselves in being “Analog sound for a digital generation”.
Now the company is back with two new turntables. An updated version of the Cruiser simply dubbed the Cruiser Deluxe, and a new Crosley Coupe.

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe


The Cruiser Deluxe maintains the same suitcase style of the original and built-in speakers, but is now also Bluetooth capable. Sure it kind of defeats the purpose of a record player, but in a world of Apple Music and Tidal exclusives having that as a backup doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Streaming will be straightforward and simple regardless of whether you’re using iOS or Android and there’s also a headphone jack built-in. Weird that that’s now a spec that needs to be mentioned but there it is. On the front you’ll find the same full range stereo speakers as the original and it can also still play 33 ⅓, 45, or 75 RPM records. It even has pitch control if that’s a must-have feature for you. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive entry level turntable, the Cruiser Deluxe will cost $89 when it becomes available on October 20th.

Crosley Coupe


The second speaker announced was the Crosley Coupe. Just like the Cruiser Deluxe it has a suitcase design, but you won’t find Bluetooth here. It can play 7”, 10”, and 12” records and has a mono speaker built into the design. You’ll find a pitch adjuster here as well along with a similar price tag at $89. You can expect the Coupe to be available for purchase slightly after the Cruiser Deluxe on November 1st. Both turntables will be available exclusively through the Crosley website.

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