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Bose QC20 & QC20i $50 off at Best Buy

If you're a fan of Bose, you can get their QC20 and QC20i in-ear headphones for $50 off at Best Buy.

Published onMay 25, 2015


If you’ve been looking for a pair of solid noise-canceling in-ears, Best Buy has the QC20 and the QC20i in-ear headphones on sale for $50 off retail price. Normally priced at $300, the sale brings them down to only $249. Still a pretty penny sure, but any amount of money that stays in my pocket is a win in my book.

As pricey as the Bose QC20’s are, they do come with their fair share of features. Not too far from the 3.5mm jack is a small square block called the control module that holds the noise canceling technology. The module has a microphone that picks up sound from the environment and creates the opposite sound that cancels it out, providing a clearer “music only” experience. Besides that they also have a built-in mic and playback controls which makes reaching for your pocket every time you want to change the song irrelevant.

If you still need to hear the world around you it also has an aware mode which allows you to hear some of the sounds from your surroundings. A fairly useful feature if you plan on using these while running. The classic Bose StayHear+ tips do a good job at gripping onto the inside of your ear to hold them in place, though keep in mind that the level of comfort varies since everyone has different shaped ears.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair, pay close attention to which model you get because it does matter. If you have an Android phone, the QC20 is for you. iPhone users should opt for the QC20i, otherwise the playback controls won’t be functional for you. Bose might overestimate the value of their products sometimes, but if you have the money to spend on these you won’t be disappointed.

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