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B&O introduces the Beoplay H4 for $299

Great design doesn't have to astronomically expensive

Published onFebruary 10, 2017

B&O is known for good making good quality products, but they usually come at a price. Their over-ear headphones range from $199 to $499, and their new Beoplay H4 Bluetooth headphones fall right in the middle. These new over-ear cans will run you $299, which is actually fairly affordable for a pair of Beoplay headphones.

The company takes pride in making sure that they partner with well-known designers to make their products. This time the design came from Jakob Wagner, and the H4’s don’t look out of place in the lineup. B&O doesn’t skimp on build materials either and the H4’s are just as premium as ever. Black lambskin leather is wrapped around the aluminum headband, and that same leather is also found on the plush padded ear pads. Even the audio cable lives up to the aesthetic and is made of a braided tan fabric that’s hopefully as durable as it is gorgeous. Currently you can only get these in the charcoal and gold color option pictured above, but if the Beoplay H4’s get the same treatment as most of the other B&O products we can expect a few different color in the future.

As far as the actual spec’s go, these are rocking 40mm drivers in each earcup and an omnidirectional microphone for clearer voice calls. You can expect around 19 hours of constant playback which is pretty good for a pair of Bluetooth headphones. They have Bluetooth 4.2 with AAC and a fairly average range of about 30 feet, but you can always hardwire them to your device if the battery gives. It would’ve been nice to have A2DP for higher quality streaming, but you’ll have to look to B&O’s higher end headphones for that codec.

The Beoplay H4’s also have 3 buttons on the side of the earcup so you can control your music without reaching for a source device. You’ll be able to pause/play music, skip between tracks, adjust the volume, and answer phone calls with just a few taps.

The Beoplay H4 headphones seem to be missing some of the higher end specs you might find in their other products, but they’re also hundreds of dollars less expensive than those models. If these look like the headphones you’ve been waiting for you can grab a pair for yourself right now from their website.

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