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Barry McGee limited edition Beats Pill 2.0

Apple has teamed up with artist Barry McGee for this special edition version of their Pill 2.0 Bluetooth speaker.

Published onFebruary 19, 2015


If you’re a fan of art you’ve probably heard of Barry McGee. He’s an artist from California that specialized in painting his unique character heads on colorful geometric patterns. Apple has teamed up with him to make a Beats Pill 2.0 that features his unique patterns front and center, literally. The speaker only comes in red but has a sliver in front where his unique pattern makes an appearance. Flip it over to the back and you’ll get an entire cream-colored piece containing his same pattern but with a special appearance by one of McGee’s trademark character heads. Apple also throws in a custom carrying case that, along with a larger version of said character head, simply states “The Pill.”

Though the Pill 2.0 probably won’t make your “Best Bluetooth speakers” list in terms of sound quality, it does come with some cool features to set it apart. For one, tapping two of them together will sync them into stereo mode for a left and right output. Other speakers like the UE Boom can do this as well, but it has to be done using an app on your smart phone. The Pill 2.0 also has a built-in microphone for calls, a 7 hour battery life, and a USB output to charge your device.

The limited edition collaboration can be yours for the standard retail price of $199.95. It is a bit steep but if you happen to be a fan of Barry McGee or just enjoy having limited edition stuff, make sure to get yours from Apple before they run out.

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