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Angelic Audio campaign for ceramic in-ears called Cherubs

If you're looking for a new pair of inexpensive in-ears, take a look at this Indiegogo campaign by Angelic Audio for a pair made of ceramic.

Published onMay 28, 2015


Australian based Angelic Audio has an Indiegogo campaign for a pair of in-ear headphones that have a casing made completely of ceramic. When you think of build materials, ceramic probably isn’ the first thing that comes to your mind. That said, Cherubs gives a couple of practical reasons as to why they chose this.

One of them being that they simply look cool. High fashion brands like Chanel and Dior have been using it in their products for quite some time so they figured they’d bring that into the world of audio. However, a better reason is that they use a special kind of ceramic (ZrO2) that acts as a natural noise isolator due to its high density. That paired with the silicone ear tips creates a seal that keeps audio in.

The earbuds themselves also utilize a new design that funnels the sound directly into your ear so that no detail is absorbed in the way that some metal in-ears do. On the spec side of things, these have a standard 1.2m audio cable ending in a 3.5mm gold plated jack for minimal distortion. On that cable is a 3-button microphone encased in metal enabling you to control volume, playback, and of course answer phone calls when your phone is lost too deep in your pockets.

The team at Angelic Audio hopes these will be the go-to headphones for people who wear earbuds for extended periods of time, on flights for example. The noise-isolation paired with the lightweight design and tangle free cable definitely puts these in the running for must-have travel gadgets. If that’s not enough these are also gym-friendly as they aren’t made of what you would consider “normal” ceramic. The ZrO2 ceramic is extremely durable and if you think back to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness you learned back in elementary school, the ceramic used in the Cherubs is harder than steel.

If you’re still skeptical about whether or not these are worth it, maybe the $50 price tag will make it worth it for you. They come in white or black and if you want to get $5 off you can simply back the campaign and get an early-bird special. One of the more interesting perks is a $500 options that will get you 10 pairs of in-ears with the logo of your business of team laser engraved on the ceramic casing.

Angelic Audio is also living up to their name with a couple of perks you can choose that are basically donations to help rebuild Nepal after the devastation that was caused by the earthquakes. Who doesn’t like a company with a conscious?

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