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A new Amazon Echo Spot has released, and it is already 44% off!

At $45, the Amazon Echo Spot is looking like the hottest deal around!

Published onJuly 8, 2024

Today’s Amazon Echo Spot announcement and release were totally unexpected, but even more exciting is the fact that the online retailer launched this product with an amazing deal. You can get the brand-new Amazon Echo Spot 2024 for just $45! That is a 44% discount on the original $80 price point.

Get the Amazon Echo Spot for just $45!

The most important caveat here is that this deal is only available to Prime subscribers. That said, we know many of you already pay for this, and if you don’t, new members can get a 30-day free trial. There’s no better time to sign up for Amazon Prime, considering all the deals that will be available during Amazon Prime Day.

This offer applies to all color versions of the Amazon Echo Spot: Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue. If you want in on the offer, it will be available through July 17, 2024. The price will go back to $80 after this.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 + $200 Amazon gift card
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 + $200 Amazon gift card
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 + $200 Amazon gift card
The Flip gets refreshed.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 introduces several exciting updates over previous Flip phones. It is equipped with a larger battery, improved cooling, and a next-gen chipset. 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage mean you do not need to compromise on performance. The 3.4-inch front display offers info at a glance, while the 6.7-inch 22:9 main AMOLED display offers a 120Hz refresh rate.
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Save $200.00
Limited time deal!

The 2024 Amazon Echo Spot is looking pretty awesome. The design has been modernized, reminiscent of the newer Echo Pop, featuring a spherical back and flat front. Half of this flat side has become the screen. This means the speaker is slightly smaller at 1.73 inches, as it had to make room for the display. For comparison, the Amazon Echo Pop has a 1.95-inch speaker. You don’t really get these devices for audio quality, though. Functionality matters most, and the Echo Spot excels in this department.

The screen makes it easy to glance at the time, weather, music info, alarms, etc. It’s also quite customizable, as you can change the clock face, as well as the general UI color. This makes it easier to have the Echo Spot match your room’s colors, allowing you to pick between orange, violet, magenta, lime, teal, and blue.

Of course, you’ll get all the other benefits that come with owning an Alexa-powered speaker. Alexa commands, smart home controls, timers, alarms, and other information are only some of the features available with all these Echo speakers and smart displays.

Again, this offer will conclude after July 17, so make sure to get yours sooner rather than later. Remember, this is a brand-new device at a highly discounted price. These will likely be selling like pancakes, and there is a chance Amazon will run out of stock.

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