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Aequus Audio campaign for affordable planar magnetic headphones

Planar magentic headphones just might be the future, and Aequus Audio has a Kickstarter campaign to make an affordable pair that you can customize.

Published onMay 29, 2015


Boston based company Aequus Audio thinks that planar magnetic headphones are the future, and they might be right. Classic headphones utilize dynamic drivers which use a cone and voice coil in order to create sound. On the other hand, planar magnetic headphones use parallel magnets to create a magnetic field which then moves a suspended diaphragm in order to create sound. The diaphragm also has an electric circuit printed onto it to help push the thin film back and forth.

The technology used isn’t the only thing that makes these headphones special, they also have a design that guarantees a great fit for whoever puts them on. The ear cups are suspended on 14 tiny elastic bands that allow them to conform to every size and shape head, creating a perfect seal every time. This design requires much less force in order to clamp onto the head which allows for longer listening sessions with half the fatigue. Aequus also made the side plates customizable so you can pick and choose the style you want. Personally, I enjoy the wood and steel look but they also have a variety of colors available including blue, red, white, black, green, and gray.

If you’re more into specs than they have a frequency range of 15Hz – 35kHz and a standard cable length of 1m. They have an impedance of 50 Ohms and only weigh about 8 ounces, though I’m sure adding wood plates will change that slightly but not enough to cause an issue. If you want to get fancy you can even get a pair with custom laser engravings of a logo or symbol of your choice on the side.

All of that is nice, but the best part of these headphones has to be the price tag. Though not dirt cheap, Aequus Audio succeeded in making a pair of affordable planar magnetic headphones. You can get an early bird special, open or closed back, for $139. If you want extra side plates the colorful ones will run you another $20 while the wooden ones will cost you another $50.

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