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Accessories maker Grovemade just released two gorgeous speakers

When industrial designs meets sound you get this.

Published onAugust 17, 2016

Grovemade Speakersnews

If you haven’t heard of Grovemade, don’t be alarmed. Up until now the company hasn’t been known for audio products. They’re more known for their beautifully designed wooden accessories ranging from cellphone cases and computer stands to pocket knives. Now they’re trying their hand in audio with two new wooden speakers made of walnut and maple.

It looks like the speakers are floating.

The speakers were made in partnership with industrial designer Joey Roth, who already has some experience with speakers having released a ceramic speaker system back in 2010. That would explain why these new speakers look so pretty. Oddly enough both speakers are shaped like half an egg, but it works. Each speaker has its own metal stand that raises it off the surface of your desk. This makes the speakers look like they’re floating (if you look at it from the right angle). Grovemade also covered the stand in a thin vegetable-tanned leather to hide the fasteners that hold it together. Even the quality cables that plug into the back of the speakers are custom made.

Technical specs aren’t everything when it comes to sound, but they’re still important. The speakers are 8.75-inches tall and have 2-inch full range drivers pushing sound that doesn’t even require digital signal processing. They also come with a matching amplifier to power them which looks just as good as the speakers. It has an all-wood housing with a metal volume knob on the left side and stands 1.75-inches in height. On the back you’ll find all of the inputs needed to connect to everything from desktop to iPods.

The speakers come in two kinds of woods: maple and walnut. The maple model can be purchased for $499 while the darker walnut-made speakers will run you a little more at $599. You’ll also have to allow 4-6 week in shipping since these are being made one at a time at the Grovemade workshop in Portland. I’m already daydreaming about having these on my desk, and I can’t be alone.

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