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JAYS announce q-JAYS in-ear reference headphones for Q2

JAYS has announced their newest generation of in-ear headphones called the q-JAYS. If you've been looking for premium reference earbuds, look no further.

Published onFebruary 11, 2015


Swedish audio company JAYS has announced their newest premium in-ear headphones: the q-JAYS. Hoping to start off 2015 with a bang, these are the world’s smallest earphones that have exchangeable cables. This gives the q-JAYS a longer life-span as it is usually the cable that frays, rendering the entire product useless. With the option to swap out the cable you can simply replace the cable without replacing the earbuds. The earbuds themselves are made of stainless steel that have been sand blasted to give them a rugged, grease-resistant texture.

As far as sound quality is concerned, these are more like in-ear monitors. They were made as reference headphones with the purpose of giving the listener the most accurate reproduction of sound possible. They have custom dual balanced armature drivers with one playing the role of woofer while the other plays tweeter. This allows each driver to focus on their dedicated frequencies in order to give a more balanced sound. JAYS also included a new crossover filter built into each earbud so that the two drivers can be blended together while still maintaining a clear distinction for premium sound. The highs can go up to 20 kHz while the bass can get as low as 5 Hz, which is basically inaudible to the human ear. At that frequency you would probably feel the vibrations more than hear the actual sound. Still, it’s good to know that the bass can get that low.

The q-JAYS will come in two options: one for audio only that lacks an in-line microphone and one that has the in-line microphone. JAYS has compatible models with iOS, Android, and Windows phones so be careful which one you pick because it does matter. The audio only option without the microphone will cost USD $399 while the one with smartphone compatibility will be an extra fifty bucks and cost USD $449. Both will be available on their website once they are officially released.

These should be available in Q2 of this year so if you’ve been looking for some premium in-ear monitors definitely keep these in mind.

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