1MORE might have had one of the top pairs of affordable in-ears with the Triple Driver headphones last year, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to push the limits of their products. This year, they’ve showed up at CES with a new pair of in-ears that add yet another driver in the tiny housing. For those keeping score, that brings the total number of drivers in each ‘bud up to four.

Each one is tuned to a specific frequency and they combine to provide you with the final sound that you hear. One is a carbon dynamic driver while the other three are balanced armatures. The design hasn’t changed too much (if at all) if you’re looking at it from the outside. They’re still slightly angled which helps them to shoot sound directly in your ears, and 1MORE claims that they also improved on the noise isolation.

Packaging isn’t finalized yet, but deluxe accessories will include a few different ear tip sizes as well as a leather carrying case, airline adapter, and a shirt clip. The 1More Quad Driver in-ears will cost $199 when they are released sometime later this year.

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