The Master & Dynamic MA770 speaker is solid, because it’s made of concrete.

1 week ago
A unique speaker perfect for your home or art gallery.

Best Audio Company April Fools’ Jokes

4 weeks ago
When April Fools' falls on a Saturday, we celebrate Friday.

Best Earbuds of 2017

March 18, 2017
What are the best earbuds so far in 2017?

Master & Dynamic add the MW50 headphones to their product line

November 2, 2016
Same industrial design, but 30% lighter than the MW60s.

Master & Dynamic ME01 Review

October 27, 2016
The commuters choice award goes to..

Spotify and Master & Dynamic team up for custom MH40s

July 8, 2016
Does Spotify knows the true Rolling Stones fans?

Master and Dynamic announce new Palladium ME05’s 

February 2, 2016
If you weren't a fan of the Master and Dynamic brass colored ME05's, check out their new paint job.

Sound Guys Monthly – January 2016 – Master & Dynamic MW60 Giveaway

January 1, 2016
A bunch of new audio products have been announced ahead of CES, and you can now listen to the ...

Master & Dynamic add new all white color option for winter

December 4, 201565
Master & Dynamic just released new all white color options for their MW30 on-ear and MW40 ...

Master & Dynamic MW60 Review

December 4, 2015
Master & Dynamic outdid revamped the MW40s with the new MW60 headphones. If you're looking for ...

Premium Sound – Wires = Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones

November 10, 20153
Master & Dynamic is a force to be reckoned with, especially now that their brand has a higher ...

Master & Dynamic ME05 Review

November 6, 2015
We might not be sold on the audio properties of brass in this small a size, but Master & ...
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