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VOXOA Sports Wireless Earphones Review

VOXOA Sports Wireless Earphones Review. These water resistant earphones are made for activity. Great sound, and comfort are just a few tricks up its sleeve.
September 19, 2014
The bottom line
For around $100 dollars Voxoa did it again. These bluetooth sweat resistant and water proof earbuds are one of the best in its class. They provide a nice sound, and its also a nice wear for a pair of activity earbuds. If you want to spend a little more money, then the JayBirds BlueBuds X will be your best bet.

For around $100 dollars Voxoa did it again. These bluetooth sweat resistant and water proof earbuds are one of the best in its class. They provide a nice sound, and its also a nice wear for a pair of activity earbuds. If you want to spend a little more money, then the JayBirds BlueBuds X will be your best bet.
Release date

August 18, 2014




0.5 ounces

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Noise cancelling


What we like
Great battery life
Multiple device connectivity
Sleek design
Good sounding lows
Water and sweat resistant
What we don't like
Battery indicator is hard to see at times
Highs can become exhausting after a few hours
Flimsy Wingtips
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Sound Quality
Durability / Build Quality

Buy now from Amazon ($109.95)
When it comes to Bluetooth headphones made for sport, without a doubt the JayBird BlueBuds X are seen as the top dog. The battle to the top for the JayBirds has not been an easy one. Voxoa is a newcomer to the headphones game, and they are ready to take on the champion. Is this effort strong enough to take them down?


What’s in the box?

Just like the previous pair of headphones I reviewed from Voxoa, the box does not come with much. Voxoa chose to go with minimal packaging, presumably to drive the cost down.

  • VXE78X sports wireless earphones
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Pouch, 3 sets of ear tips, and 2 sets of wingtips
  • Quick start guide
  • Registration card

Build & Design

Once I got the headphones out of the box, it was apparent that these headphones are very similar to the Jaybird BlueBird X Bluetooth headphones. Not saying this as a con, since the JayBirds are seen as the champion when it comes to activity Bluetooth headphones.

These headphones look, feel, and have similar features to the Jaybirds, and there is no denying it. With that being said, the color scheme is yellow and black with the V logo on the back of each earbud. The yellow cord has a smooth flat design, and its wrapped in rubber. Each wingtip is made of that same durable rubber as well, which is designed to latch into the grooves in your ears.

The remote is located around 4 inches down from the right earbud. The 3 buttons on the unit allow for Bluetooth volume control, next track, previous track, pause music, Google now or SIRI, and phone control.

The earbuds come in 4 different sizes, which makes it easy to find the tips that fits your ear best. Since these are workout earbuds, they come with wings that are made to keep a snug fit. The wings are bit flimsy compared to other brands. Also you only have 2 options of wings. Now, I do prefer a hard wingtip to stay in my ear. But for what it’s wroth, the softer style of wingtip that these earbuds comes with, held up fantastically. I easily get a snug and secure fit, that stays in my ear throughout my whole workout.

For cord management it is using a system called ClipX. Clip X is a plastic clip on the cord that allows you to tuck away the excess cords. It’s a simple system that holds up pretty well. I found that it  came undone only one time in my two weeks with these headphones. You can easily adjust to make it smaller or larger with just a few simple tugs of a cord.

Battery Life

These headphones are rated for 150 hours of standby time, 6 hours of music playback time, and also 4.5 hours of talk time. Within my time with these headphones they last for a weeks worth of workouts. I am able to get 5 one hour workout sessions in on one charge. When the battery is getting low the led indicator has a flashing red light, and  that normally that means you have less than an hour of life left. There is also a tone that plays in your ear when the battery is getting low.


These headphones uses Bluetooth 4.0, which is the latest version of Bluetooth. You can connect to a smartphone by using NFC. You can simply tap your phone next to the NFC icon on the headphones. Further more, connecting to my Windows or mac based computer was just as simple. Press and hold the power button until you hear the device beeps. This makes it discoverable, and then connect and  you hear a quick beep sound, and you are connected. Bluetooth is rated for a range of 30 feet, and also being able to be paired to multiple devices.

You are also able to be connected to multiple devices at one time. I found this useful when listening to music on my laptop, and also being paired to my phone. When a call came in, it muted my music and allowed me to answer. It worked brilliantly without additional configurations.

Sound Quality

When it comes to workout ear buds sound is something that sometimes takes a backseat. With these earbuds I can honestly say that there was significant attention to the sound profile. These headphones utilizes aptX technology, which allows CD quality sound over bluetooth. Soundstage has a wide presence in these earbud as well.You hear separation between instruments and it holds up well compared to other earbuds within its class.


The highs on these headphones are really cranked up. They sound a bit airy, and raspy at times. They’re not to the point where they become exhausting, but yet, they are more accentuated. Not sure if the highs are so pronounced so you can hear the music over your movement. But during a workout, the highs really does a great job at capturing attention. The high really shine when it listening to EDM.


The mids are on these are buds are tough to hear. You really need to listen for them to hear them full. They were smooth, subtle and uncolored. They are overpowered by the highs, and also the lows as well.


The lows come in with a nice rich smooth sound. I find the deeps to sound really good when listening to rap and also EDM.  For a pair of ear buds these are pretty good. I’ve seen a few that had better base, and also several more with weaker base.



These headphones exceeded my expectations.For the price of 100 dollars for a pair of workout earbuds there are at the top of the class. When comparing them to the Jaybird Bluebuds X for style and comfort, you will have the exact same experience. When comparing them to the Jaybirds for sound, well the jaybirds does edge these out just a bit. With that being said the Jaybirds are pricier.  When the dust settles, considering price, these are a pair of workout earbuds that may be worth the purchase.

Buy now from Amazon ($109.95)