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Trinity Audio brings us premium in-ears for low-end price

If you're into high-end audio but not a big fan of high-end prices, check out these three new pairs of in-ears monitors by Trinity Audio.
April 13, 2015

Trinity Audio has recently funded a Kickstarter campaign that anyone who enjoys audio might want to pay attention to. The idea is to bring high quality in-ear monitors to the masses for a fraction of the cost. Judging by the fact that the campaign has already been funded at the time of this post with 19 days left, it seems that there are a lot of people who think this is a good idea. There are three different models so chances are one of them does what you need them to do.

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First is the base model, the Hyperion in-ears. They are the smallest of the trio weighing only 13 grams and using 8mm drivers. The driver itself is in an aluminium housing and the wires are all wrapped in a multi-braided cable that helps with durability. All three of the models come with this same cable and housing, but the Hyperions are the lightest and most portable. They are so small that Trinity Audio claims “you will forget they are even there!” The Hyperion in-ears will eventually retail for around $44 but if you back the campaign you can get them for around $29.



The next step up in price and build will get you the Techne in-ear monitors. These use the same 8mm drivers as the Hyperion, but also have interchangeable filters that allow the user to fine tune the sound. The filter tuning system is similar to that of the RHA T10 in-ears and they also come with three filters. One of them is for adding a bit of emphasis to the bass frequencies, which Trinity calls the “fun” filter. The other two are for a flatter response (smooth) and enhanced treble (vivid). The Techne are designed to be worn over the ears for a more secure fit and will retail for about $95. However, if you back the campaign you can get yours for around $58 so if you’re interested definitely give them a look.



The last pair of headphones are the Delta in-ears. These are a hybrid of the two previous models. They have the same 8mm driver as the previous two models and the same tuning filters as the Techne, but also have custom single balanced armatures. The Deltas will retail for around $132, but can be had for roughly $88 if you back the project.

All three pairs will come with four pairs of silicone ear tips, two pairs of memory foam tips, a pair of double flange tips, a t-shirt and a carrying case if you back the project. If you get the Techne or Delta in-ears you will also get a metal tube to put your filters in for safe keeping. Even if you miss out on the campaign deals and have to purchase them at regular price, that’s a lot to come in the box. None of the three models come with playback controls or microphone, but as in-ear monitors we wouldn’t expect them to. Trinity Audio easily met their goal of about $60,000 and plans to start shipping to backers in June later this year.