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Bluetooth Headphones

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Review

By taking a different approach when it comes to fit and lowering the price, the Jabra Sport Pace might be the company's best offering yet.
by Kris WoukNovember 27, 20153

Get in shape without slimming down your wallet: the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless are available now

Announced in September, the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless were slated to arrive at select retail locations sometime this fall, and now that day has come.
by Kris WoukNovember 9, 2015

Jabra STEEL: Bluetooth built to last

The Jabra STEEL is a rugged, Bluetooth headset tough enough to go anywhere, even when listening conditions aren't perfect.
by David WangOctober 14, 20151

Jabra offers new Earbuds with an Integrated Trainer

Jabra seeks to bridge the gap between tech and human nature even further with a personal trainer built right into their new Jabra Sport Coach headphones.
by David WangJune 24, 2015

Jabra Rox on sale for $79 through the Microsoft store

Now through April 25th you can get a the Jabra Rox Bluetooth earbuds for $50 off of the regular price.
by Adam MolinaApril 17, 2015

Save some cash on headphones with these sales

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds, Sol Republic Air Tracks, and Thinksound Rain are all on sale, so if you've been eyeing any of these now is the time.
by Adam MolinaFebruary 17, 2015

Jabra Sport Pulse Review

The Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds sound great and have awesome fitness tracking features, but the battery life could be better.
by Kris WoukDecember 13, 20141

Meet the Intelligent Headset — could headphones be the first big thing in wearable tech?

The Intelligent Headset, which launches this summer, hopes to be a more subtle approach to wearable tech.
by Kris WoukApril 18, 20141

How to setup a Dolby Atmos soundbar

Blanket yourself in an atmosphere of sound

3 weeks ago

Best wireless headphones

The future is wireless. The future is now.

4 weeks ago
Bluetooth Headphones

Jabra ROX Review

The Jabra ROX sound great and are well built, but some stiff competition from other brands may have you looking elsewhere.
by Kris WoukMarch 30, 20143

Jabra Rox Bluetooth earbuds out today

The much anticipated Jabra Rox wireless earbuds — a hit at this year's CES — are officially on sale, starting today.
by Kris WoukMarch 20, 2014
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