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Best Studio Headphones

The best headphones for studio use
by Adam MolinaAugust 28, 20177

Best On-Ear Headphones

We took a look at some of our favorite on-ear headphones and made a list of the best on-ear headphones currently available.
by Adam MolinaAugust 4, 2017

Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100

What can you do with $100? You can get some great Bluetooth speakers.
by Adam MolinaAugust 3, 20173

Best Headphones under $50

Inexpensive doesn't always mean bad.
by Kris CarlonJuly 6, 20172

Debunking myths about audio cables

Save yourself some money: in audio, "basic cable" is a good thing.
by Christian ThomasJuly 5, 20171

Best Headphones under $200

What can you get for $200?
by Kris CarlonJune 27, 20179

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you're going to the beach or the pool, these are the best waterproof bluetooth speakers on the market.
by Adam MolinaJune 22, 20174

How to use Bluetooth

The answer to your Bluetooth pairing issues (hopefully)
by Adam MolinaJune 22, 2017

Best Headphones of 2017

Want to know what the best headphones are? With all the best wired and wireless options at every budget, these are the best headphones of 2017.
by Sound GuysJune 6, 201715

Best Soundbars

If you're in the market to spruce up your home audio setup, be sure to check our list of the best soundbars first.
by Adam MolinaApril 26, 2017
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