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Save $50 on Soho models by Harman Kardon 

Now through July 18th save $50 on any of the three models of Soho on-ear headphones by Harman Kardon.
July 6, 2015
Soho Sale

If you’ve been looking for a good time to splurge, this might be it. Take $50 off of all three Soho models by Harmon Kardon until Saturday, July 18th. Harmon Kardon is one the most popular brands in the business selling audio gear under it’s own name, Harmon Kardon by Harmon, as well as other brand names like AKG and JBL. The company has found its way into a number of other markets, finding ways to add their own touch to automobile sound systems and even smart phones like the HTC One series. One of their newer and more popular products is the Soho on-ear headphones and it comes in three flavors.

The first model is the Soho-I and it comes with two audio cables: one standard audio cable and one with an in-line remote and microphone compatible with all Apple devices. It is available in white and black and normally retails at $199 but is on sale for $149. The second is the Soho-A and has a universal one-button remote that pauses and plays music when connected to any other kind of device. The “A” stands for Android, but it works fine on any other type of phone as well including Windows and Blackberry. It also comes in only white or black and costs the same as it’s Apple compatible counter-part, $149. The last model is the Soho Wireless and is the Bluetooth version of the on-ear headphones. This one comes in the same two colors as well as a third option: brown. Normally $249, you can grab a pair for only $199 if you want.

All three pairs have a sleek, minimal design with collapsible ear cups for easy storage, however the Soho wireless is the only one to have the added functionality of Bluetooth and NFC for compatible devices. Being Bluetooth, it has a finite battery life but thankfully also has the option to connect a standard aux cable should the battery die on you. On top of that, the ear cup itself is touch sensitive giving you control over the volume as well as basic playback options. All three models have 30mm drivers in the ear cups, so the only real difference between the three is how you plan on connecting to your source device.

These are meant for portability and come with a sleek carrying case to throw the headphones into whenever you’re not using them. If you commute a lot or simply want a sleek new toy to play with, now is the time to get yourself one of the Soho on-ears. Thankfully the sale doesn’t end for some time so if you find yourself with some spare cash before the 18th of this month make sure to keep this deal in mind.